Lecture Series

The Indian Journal of Law and Technology, in collaboration with the Centre for Internet and Society organises a series of lectures on themes related to law and technology. In the past, lectures have been delivered on issues concerning digital privacy, could computing, cyberspace offences and telecom regulation. Participation is free and open to all – students, researchers, professors and practitioners. Prior to the lecture, reading material on the issues outlined are distributed to attendees.


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Focus areas for this particular series will the following issues in telecom of contemporary relevance:

  • Tariff Regulation
  • Data Throttling
  • Spectrum Policy
  • 3G Intra Circle Roaming Agreements

Rohan Samarajiva is founding Chair and CEO of LIRNEasia, an ICT policy and regulation think tank and has served as the Director General of Telecommunications and Policy Advisor to the Ministry of Post and Telecom in Bangladesh. He has also taught at the University of Moratuwa, Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and at the Ohio State University.


Report: Click here to download a report of the CIS LECTURE SERIES – TELECOM LAW AND REGULATION

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The focus will be on contemporary sub-issues of critical relevance such as:

  • The Unique Identification Project and Challenges to Privacy
  • Cloud Computing and Behavioural Tracking
  • The State and Privacy: Electronic Surveillance

Dr. Usha Ramanathan is an internationally recognized expert on law and poverty and is a member of Amnesty International’s Advisory Panel on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Her research interests include human rights, displacement, torts and environment.


Malavika Jayaram is a fellow of the Centre for Internet and Society and is also a partner in Jayaram & Jayaram, managing a portfolio of work that has a strong focus on IT/IP and commercial work. Her research interests include privacy rights, digital pluralism and internet governance amongst others.

Vivek Durai is co-founder and managing partner at Atman Law Partners. He represents Indian and overseas clients in a variety of technology and investment related transactions.


Prof. Sudhir Krishnaswamy graduated from National Law School Bangalore and went onto finish a BCL and DPhil in Law from the University of Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship. He has taught at National Law School, Bangalore and Pembroke College, University of Oxford among other places. His research interests include constitutional law, administrative law, intellectual property law, legal profession and reform of the legal system.



Hon’ble Dr. Justice S. Muralidhar, has been serving in the High Court of Delhi since 2006. Justice Murlidhar has been a member of the Law Commission of India and Delhi and State Legal Services Authority. He has also written a book titled `Law, Poverty and Legal Aid: Access to Criminal Justice’. Justice Murlidhar has delivered landmark decisions in high-profile technology related and intellectual property matters in India.


Amit Sachdeva joined Vaish Associates, Advocates, in 2008 as an Associate. He holds an LL.M degree from the London School of Economics (LSE), focusing on international business and commercial laws (including, antitrust). He also holds diplomas in International Law from The Hague Academy of International Law and in International Arbitration from the University of Paris Patheon Sorbonn.


Aditya Sondhi, is an Advocate practising before the High Court of Karnataka and the Supreme Court of India. He is an alumnus of NLSIU and has taught Constitutional Law, Company Law, Professional Ethics and Arbitration to

He is the Secretary of the Karnataka State Unit of the Indian Law Institute and holds a Masters Masters Degree in Political Science, and has published a book of non fiction with Penguin as well.


Report: Click here to download a report of the JURISDICTIONAL ISSUS IN CYBERSPACE

Photos from the Event