The Indian Journal of Law and Technology provides research assistance to academics and organisations working in the field of law and technology in India and abroad. The aim is to foster knowledge and increase exposure to new and emerging issues in the area by providing a platform for students and academics to collaborate in the creation of scholarly output that is mutually beneficial and satisfying. To this end, the editorial board is assisting in the following research projects:

Electronic Payment Systems in India

Members of the Editorial Board (2012-13) are collaborating with Professor Jane K. Winn from the University of Washington on a project involving mobile banking and financial inclusion in India. In particular, the Government of India’s open standards policy and its relevance to mobile payments is sought to be analysed. A comparative study is proposed with an examination of open standard policies in other South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Liability Standards for Re-tweeting Unlawful Content Members of the Editorial Board (2012-13) are assisting Nandan Kamath (The Law Offices of Nandan Kamath) on examining the emerging liability standards for ‘re-tweeting’ unlawful content. While liability for re-tweeting copyright protected content has received considerable attention, legal aspects relating to other violations such as defamation and applicable defences are sought to be examined. There exists sizeable literature on the copyrightability of tweets (with a bearing on liability for re-tweeting protected content) and copyright infringement committed through the re-tweeting functionality. However, there is a complete absence of an Indian-specific analysis on the subject and the researchers hope to throw light on the applicability of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and related regulations.